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Post by Minato on Tue Sep 20, 2011 2:05 am

- Respect all RPers. We are trying to have fun here. And we can't do that if you keep hurting other's feelings. Be nice, and what comes around goes around.

- Listen to the staff. The admins and mods are handpicked to help roleplaying easier for you. If they say you can't use machine guns, you can't.

- Keep it PG-13. Some coarse language is allowed, but don't be a total pissed-off Hidan. But if you have a relationship with someone IC, then you MUST put the warning (Mature) or (Lemon) for graphic scenes in the topic title. If you don't, the topic will be deleted.

- Do not god-mod. You cannot dodge and land every attack or hit. Not even Minato can do it. And the same goes for passive godmodding. You cannot make someone feel an emotion or something because of a jutsu. E.g. "You will be hypnotised by her beauty."

- You cannot, simply CANNOT learn higher-than-your-rank jutsu!

- No metagaming. You cannot use off-RP info inside RP. Your character does not know every jutsu, nor every weakness.

- No spamming outside the spam section. Ditto with chat, rant, art and fiction.

- Do not rip off canon or other RPer's ideas. Be original. Because the copyrights belong to Masaashi Kishimoto and the creators of the characters.

- No one-liners. "Hey,", "Darn!" and "No," are not accepted as posts and will be deleted.

- Anything happening in the real world that has changed due to the forum is not our fault. You were the one who wanted to come here. We didn't force you.

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